Things to Consider Before Buying Armored Vehicles

Before buying an armored land cruiser, you should consider a few factors. Cost, quality, and legality of armoring are just a few factors. You should also know the tell-tale signs that indicate a wrong purchase. Read on to learn more. Getting the wrong kind of armored vehicle is easy. Here are the three most common warning signs. Before buying an armored vehicle, you should understand how to spot them.

Cost of armored vehicles

Armored vehicles are prevalent these days and are available at a wide range of prices. The most expensive model of an armored vehicle costs as much as $85,000, while a basic model will cost considerably less. Armored cars can be instrumental in various situations, from protecting your family in the case of a terrorist attack to providing security for sensitive data.

Quality of armoring

Before buying an armored vehicle, be sure to check the quality of its armoring. The Department of Defense uses various techniques to ensure that its armoring remains undetectable, so defects in the initial stages may not be readily apparent in the final inspection. DIA officials acknowledge the challenges of implementing revised armoring standards and the potential for errors to creep into the final product. Therefore, it is essential to look for its track record in quality assurance and inspections.

The legality of armored vehicles

Several things should be kept in mind to ensure the legality of armored vehicles. First and foremost, every armored vehicle must have a license to operate. Under federal law, a business or individual can be fined up to $10,000 for operating an unlicensed armored vehicle. Further, there are certain restrictions on using concealed compartments in armored vehicles, including the use of explosives or weapons with which the car cannot be used in the field.

Be sure to consider the environment.

Before purchasing an armored vehicle, consider the environment in which the vehicle will be used. For example, if the armored vehicle is deployed in an environment where its performance will be compromised, it should have a backup vehicle. If an armored vehicle is left in a hostile environment, it will likely lose its protection over time and may not be available for immediate deployment. Also, make sure the armored vehicle blends in with its surroundings and can bear the additional weight of the armor.

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