4 Tips to Improve Your Google Ranking

There are many ways to boost your Google ranking with the help of SEO in Dubai. The key to achieving higher search engine rankings is to avoid bad linking practices, duplicate content, and over-optimization. Creating useful, helpful, and informative content is the best way to get higher rankings. Understanding your target audience and identifying long-tail keywords will help you create content that meets their needs and solves their problems. Lastly, promote your content with all your energy. Great content will dominate the search engines if done right, and you can avoid a Google penalty.

Use authoritative content:

Google loves authoritative content, so the more authority you have, the better. Try to write more than 2000 words, but not more than 3000 words. It doesn’t have to belong, but more words add depth to a topic. Studies show that content exceeding 2000 words often gets among the top ten positions in Google search engine rankings. Besides that, longer content tends to attract more shares and links.

Avoid keyword stuffing:

Adding SEO keywords is an important part of your website’s content, but it shouldn’t be done at an unnatural density. Search engines can detect keyword stuffing when the content is written poorly. Google will penalize you for this practice, and if your site has a large number of keywords, it could be a sign that you’re overdoing it. To get around the penalty, use acceptable keyword density.

Improve site speed:

There are several ways to improve page speed on your website. Google tracks page speed more precisely than you may think. Your site should load quickly on all devices, browsers, and countries. The higher the page speed, the higher your Google ranking. Aim for a page loading time of fewer than 200 milliseconds. Depending on your site’s content, you may want to invest in a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Add an alt tag:

Using alt tags is a vital component of website SEO, as they aid search engines in indexing pages and improving user experience. Without an alt tag, search engines cannot interpret images and will see them as blank spaces. Text descriptions provide search engines with the context of what an image is all about, and they are particularly useful for graphics that want to rank in Google Images. But how do you use them to improve your Google rankings? Here are some tips.

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